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The Bushtracks Express and the Royal Livingstone Express are two luxurious steam trains encapsulated in an air of romance and beauty of a bygone era, harmoniously paired with modern comfort and cuisine. The splendid steam trains are unsurpassed with unrivalled service and serenity, as they take their passengers on a journey that uncovers some of the most beautiful components of Africa. This exclusive adventure reveals exquisite insights into a pristine wilderness that excites and exhilarates. There is something to delight every sense, from a lavish menu, to the scent of the spray, to the sight of the setting sun.

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Bushtracks is the only upmarket cruise in both Victoria Falls that is able to access the lower part of the Zambezi river and the body of islands that form the entrance to the Victoria Falls. Take a river safari downstream towards the smoke that thunders, whilst lounging in comfort. Indulge in ultimate comfort aboard The Victoria, our queen of the fleet. Designed to mirror the style and sophistication of Old English safari, relax while a Victoria Falls Hotel chef prepares sushi and other gourmet canapés.

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